The 60-odd thermal springs of this spa town where the rivers Teplá, Ohře and Rolava meet have attracted many famous visitors, among them Tsar Peter I, Goethe, Brahms, Bismarck, the Empress Maria Theresa and the more modern hero, Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin. Nowadays 60.000 people live here and people from all over the world come to také the waters and soak in the drandeur of the many old buildings throughout the town to which the Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, gave his name in the 14th century.

The local thermal springs are rich in dissolved minerals and carbon dioxide and are particularly good for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and metabolic disorders. The mineral water are used for drinking cures and baths as well as the extraction of medicinal salts. Today the thermal springs get to the surface through bore holes sometimes 80 m /262 ft/ deep. Water taken from the Mlýnský pramen /Mill Spring/ is bottled and visitors often buy souvenirs made of sinter, a kind of clay produced by the springs.


Location: Spa Hotel is located in Karlovy Vary close to the Russian Church and to the Colonnade.

Rooms: Comfortable rooms with bath/ WC, minibar, telephone, TV, radio, safe, hair-dryer and housecoat

Hotel facilities: restaurant, health centre, swimming-pool, sauna

Capacity: 31 rooms, 6 apartements


Location: in the centre of the town

Rooms: shower, toilet, SAT-TV, telephone, safe

Hotel facilities: restaurants, bar, room service, night club, golf club, billiard club, fitness club, sauna, solarium, massage, congress and conference centre

Capacity: 114 rooms


Location: The Spa Hotel is located in the valley of the river Teplá, in beautifull English Park close to the Spa House.

Rooms: All rooms are equipped with bathroom/ WC, minibar, telephone, SAT TV, safe.

Hotel facilities: restaurant, Café, Bar, Social Hall, summer terrace, congress facilities, health centre,swimming-pool, sauna.

Capacity: 85 rooms


Location: The Spa House is located not far away off the city centre. The house was built in the end of the 19th century, a full renovation was finished.

Rooms: All rooms with bathroom/bath or shower/ WC, SAT TV, telephone, refrigerator, hair-dryer, one room for disabled person.

Hotel facilities: 6 dining rooms, Café, sweet-shop, congress facilities, fitness, hairdresser, sauna, solarium, whirlpool, massage, health centre, parking

Capacity: 173 rooms


Location: The Spa hotel is located in the very centre of the town, close to the Colonnade.

Rooms: All rooms with bathroom/WC, telephone, radion, SAT TV, balcony and safe.

Hotel facilities: dining room, restaurant, café, wine bar with live music, outdoor thermal swimming-pool, fitness, sauna, solarium, health centre, large and small cinema hall, Congress Hall for 260 persons, exhibition facilities,

Capacity: 273 rooms and apartements


You’ll also be in good company visiting the second largest spa resort in the Czech Republic / Kafka, Ibsen, Goethe and Gogol have all taken the waters at
Mariánské Lázně. Of the 140 mineral springs in the town 39 are used for treating kidneys, respriratory and urinary disorders. The town was founded in the
19th century and many of the buildings are in the Empire style. Every August or September the town holds the Chopin Music Festival.


Location: centrally located close to the spa-centre

Rooms: shower/bathroom, toilet, TV, telephone, minibar

Hotel facilities: restaurants, sauna, massages, solarium, 18-hole golf course

Capacity: 116 beds


This spa town is a protected urban reservation surrounded by a ring of nature reserves. The most interesting of these is the unique peat-bog called SOOS bear the hamlet of Hájek. The first spa was established towards the end of the 18 th century. At present, strongly carbonic mineral waters are rushing forth from 24 springs.

The released spring gas is practically pure carbon dioxide. Františkovy Lázně therefore has everything to cure disorders of the heart, vascular diseases and kinetic disorders, and gynaecological problems. Its tranquillity is enhanced by the 250 ha of gardens and parks. Every effort has been made to provide a magnificent setting for spa patients and visitors from all over Europe.


Location: The hotel Krakonoš will welcome you in a beutiful nature milieu above Mariánské Lázně, about 2 km from the centre. Mariánské Lázně is a town in the middle of parks an woods where mineral spring come out of the earths. the architectur from the end od the 19th century gives the town a nostalge elegant character.

Rooms: hotel comprises of 59 double-bed rooms, 18 double-bed lofts, 6 suites, all with complete social facilities, a television, a refrigerator, a har dryer a¨nd a telephone

Hotel facilities: Guardes car park, exchange office, shop, faxing, copying, ticket booking, organising of training programmes, wedding and graduating receptions, relaxation and rehabilition stays, inddor swimming pool, massages, electrotherapy, peat baths, other form of spa treatment

Capacity: 77 room, 6 suites

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