The TÁBOR region abounds in natural beauty spots and historic monuments. The flat landscape, broken more strikingly only in the north, is dominated by the river Lužnice, which along with the surrounding forests, streams and ponds creates the typical natural scenery, suitable for seasonal holiday-makers and those fond of tours on floot. The river Lužnice has preserved its original character and continues to be the most sought-after Czech river. The ruins of Příběnice, Příběničky and Dobronice Castles stand on its rocky banks. As regards technical monuments, the leading places are occupied by the Jordán valley reservoir at Tábor of 1492, one of the oldest in Europe, the first electrified railway of 1903 which, with minor modifications, still connects Tábor and Bechyně, and the chin bridge at Stádlec.

The places which enjoy considerable popularity among tourists include the historic centres of towns with medieval features, gothic churches and secular buildings and the remains of Borotín, Choustník and Šelmberk Castles. The most historic buildings are Tábor Castle and Kozí Hrádek, where Master John Huss stayed from 1412 to 1414. Museums, a theatre, galleries and memorials afford enjoyment in the spheres of culture and history.

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